Dear Members,


The Silverstone Classic is one of the country's premier classic car racing events and will be back on 26th - 28th August 2022.  An exciting event with lots of classic racing around displays of thousands of cars.

The event runs from Friday to Sunday and you can check out the event and book tickets for any or all days online by clicking this link. The Paulerspury Section have registered us as an attending car club which provides us with an in-field display area for Club cars and special discounting.  You can come on any day, multiple days or book a weekend pass.

To book your tickets go to their website and navigate to the Car Club area (click the link at the bottom of this email) then enter the appropriate RREC code:

  • For tax-exempt cars (pre 1982) use code - 025CCDP22

  • For non tax-exempt cars (1982+) use code - 026CCDP22

The organisers are trying to encourage even more of the older cars to attend so there is a slightly lesser price for them.

The Car Club Packages provide two adult entry tickets and a car pass for the in-field display (effectively a 2-for-1 offer).  You will need to provide your car details as part of the process and you will also have the ability to add extra visitor tickets (not discounted) as well.  Silverstone did change their systems so you may find that you need to create a new account when checking out. 

Car Club packages are only for sale until May 31st 2022 or until they run out.  Also note that cars need to be on display and static for the whole day (9am-5pm) as this is a busy, public event.  Only Club cars are allowed into the in-field display area and it must be the car you register (although, there is a form to change your Club car details if necessary).
Important – please drop Steven Murray of the Paulerspury Section an email (sdmurray64@gmail.com) to let him know you have booked tickets.  That way, he can check you get registered properly and can communicate with you prior to the event.

Click here to book tickets