A collection of cars owned by some of our section members

1992 Silver Spirit II
Registration: 887 EGG
Owned By: Martin Gliddon & Chris Oatridge
Chassis: NCH 44565
Colour: Royal Blue
Interior: Parchment
1987 Silver Spirit
Registration: RYB 84
Owned by :Graham Greenwood
Chassis: HCH 20999
Colour: Royal Blue
Interior: Parchment
2000 Silver Seraph
Registration: W322 MBT
Owned by: Geoff and Pat Raybould
Chassis: YCH0427
Colour: Fountain Blue
1930 Rolls-Royce 20/25
Registration: GF 7500
Owned by: Roy Troughton
Chassis: GDP 25
Body: Gurney Nutting
Colour: Green
Interior: Green
1972 Silver Shadow
Registration: PGC 128K
Owned by: Brian and Anne Bremer
Colour: Larch Green
Interior: Beige
2006 Bentley Arnage
Registration: B1 WDW
Owned by: David Williams
Chassis: 6CH11536
Body: Bentley
Colour: Blue
Interior: Parchament
2001 Bentley Arnage
Registration: G9 CRF
Owned by: Rob Fisher
Chassis: YCH 5335
Body: Bentley
Colour: Red
Interior: Cream
2001 Bentley Arnage
Registration: 9195 SM
Owned by: Steve and Jill Malek
Chassis: 1CH063665
Colour: Peacock Blue
Interior: Parchment
1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Sports Saloon
Registration: AXF 286
Owned By: Adrian Hammond
Chassis: GHA39
Body: Thrupp and Maberly
Colour: Two Tone Grey
Interior: Parchment
1984 Silver Spirit
Registration: RLZ 1651
Owned By: Mike Ridley
Chassis: ECH 9588
Colour: Cotswold Gold
Interior: Parchment
1926 Rolls-Royce 20HP
Registration: YP 9161
Owned By: George Simpson
Chassis: GUK 33
Body: Barker Coupe/Cabriolet
Colour: Teal Blue
Interior: Brown
1922 Silver Ghost 40/50HP
Registration: SN 2140
Owned By: George Simpson
Chassis: 43TG
Body: Park Ward
Barrel Sided Tourer
Colour: Air Force Blue
Interior: Royal Blue
1920 Silver Ghost
Registration: R 4578
Owned By: George Simpson
Chassis: CH 75
Body: Barker
Colour: Royal Blue
Interior: Royal Blue
1999 Bentley Azure Convertible
Registration: T778 AGK
Owned By: David Williams
Chassis: XCH 61851
Body: Bentley
Interior: Cream
1978 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II
Registration: CFE 347S
Owned By: Roger Phillips
Chassis: SRH 33722
Body: Rolls-Royce
Colour: Silver Sand over Chestnut
Interior: Beige
1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25
Registration: BXY 74
Owned By: Stuart Dobbie
Chassis: GPG36
Body: Barker Limosine
Colour: Black over Ivory
1934 3.5 Litre Bentley DHC
Registration: AXY 750
Owned By: Bob Shanks
Body: Park Ward Drop Head Coupe
Colour: Ivory over Blue
1924 3127 CC. 20HP Small Rolls-Royce
Registration: UK 2626
Owned By: Steve Copson
Chassis: GNK 45
Body: Hooper
Colour: Regency Red
with Masons Black Bodywork.
1939 Derby Bentley 4250cc
Registration: FXN 609
Owned By: Bob Kilburn
Chassis: B83MX
Body: Continental Sports Saloon
Colour: Two Tone Green
1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25
Registration: ALW 565
Owned By: Bob Kilburn
Chassis: GLZ75
Body: Owen 3 Position Sedanca Coupe
Colour: Black
1926 Rolls-Royce 20 HP. 3127cc
Registration: RF 2643
Owned By: Alan Harris
Chassis: GYK 91
Body: Windovers Sports Saloon
Colour: Black Over Dark Blue with Polished Aluminium Bonnet
1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
Registration: NP 5417
Owned By: George Simpson
Body: Berker Style Tourer
Colour: Grey
2007 Bentley Mulliner Flying Spur
Registration: 2647 ML
Owned By: Morris & Jo Lashford
Chassis: CO40989
Body: Mulliner
Colour: Silver
1960 Silver Cloud II
Registration: 200 DWA
Owned By: John Francis
Chassis: STB 432
Body: Rolls-Royce 4 door saloon
Colour: Masons Black Over Sand with Red Coach Line
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1920 Silver Ghost

Registration: R 4578 Owned By: George Simpson Chassis: CH 75 Body: Barker Colour: Royal Blue Interior: Royal Blue