Yesterday I sat and listened to press conferences by the Director General of the World Health Organisation and our Prime Minister, flanked by the chief scientific officer, Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer.

It was obvious from what they all said, that the battle against this virus will not be won in laboratories and research institutions alone, but with the help of ordinary people like you and me. We all share a responsibility to defeat this scourge.


The main thrust of their argument was that we needed to do everything to slow the progress of this disease, such that the NHS would not be overwhelmed and could cope with the additional burden, whilst still being able to help people with other and unrelated acute conditions. In short, we were being asked to do everything in our power to avoid catching and passing on the disease.


More specifically, those of us over 70 years of age are more likely to suffer the effects of contagion. It is therefore suggested that, as much as possible we should self-isolate, avoiding contact with others. It is also suggested that this is not a short term fix and could last for months.


We are a responsible organisation, populated by intelligent and responsible people. You will therefore understand the decision that has been taken to cancel all events within the Section,

including the informal lunches, up to the 30th June 2020. You will hear from Hunt House separately about the Annual Rally at Burghley.


Some of you will have paid deposits in respect of The St Georges Day Drive and also the Anniversary Break at Chateau Impney. You will receive a full refund in respect of St Georges Day, but you will have to give me a little time to try and retrieve payments made in respect of the Chateau event.

What is certain is that, the longer we delay a decision, the more of your money will be committed by way of deposits, with no guarantee of getting a refund.


Your disappointment at these cancellations cannot be greater than those of myself and members of your committee, who have put in a lot of work arranging them. Right now we must act for the common good, but when all this is over, I promise you one hell of a party


Mike Ridley

Chairman, West Midlands Section RREC


© 2020 by Martin Gliddon