The section covers one of the largest geographical areas within ‘ RREC UK’, and includes Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands, and Worcestershire, and we also have members in adjoining counties, everyone is welcome, and remember to bring your friends, children, and at most outdoor events your 4 legged friends, just check with us just in case.

Our events span the year, January to December, with events advised via our section ‘Magazine’, published 4 times a year for a small charge of £15.00 per year, Jan, April, July and October, and delivered to your door. We can also offer Lifetime Membership, which includes everything annual membership has, with the exception that you only have access to the downloadable magazine from this site. To join the West Midlands Section, please click the MEMBERSHIP tab opposite. 

We invite members to send in articles, photo’s to our Newsletter Editor for inclusion, however large or small, our editor will make them fit, ( and will run them in the next available publication. We also have advertising space available in the Magazine, should you know of a business within our section who would like to advertise at modest costs, just let us know, you can also advertise any cars or spare parts you have for sale, at no cost, but if you sell them, a donation is acceptable, contact the Secretary or Chairman.

Our aims are to offer a wide range of events for our members and friends throughout the year, but remembering we are only a car club of like minded people who enjoy getting together with people and their cars for mutual enjoyment.

We would also like to hear from members, or anyone who has ideas for future events, give the Chairman a call, and the committee will investigate your proposals, remember events can take up to 18 months to plan. We are only a telephone call away, or even an e-mail for those who have embraced the electronic age, we look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

West Midlands Section.

The Chairman, Mike Ridley. e-mail,

The Secretary, Christine Oatridge. e-mail,

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