West Midlands Section RREC

Annual General Meeting Minutes


WM Section AGM – Sunday 1st December 2019 at 1130hrs – Hogarths Stone Manor


Present: David Parkes, Mike Ridley, Graham Greenwood, Martin Gliddon, Nick Haes, Christine Oatridge, Rob Fisher, Stuart Dobbie.

Hunt House Representatives: Lindsay Rowbotham, Gerard Le Clerc.

Members Attending: 60 Members and Guests.

Apologies: Colin Hustwayte, George Zdanko, Vivian Troughton, Vera and John Francis, George Simpson, Arthur Pemberton, Roger and Lesley Phillips.

MR opened meeting, welcomed everyone and asked for the minutes of last meeting to be taken as read and approved. Proposed by Ann Bremer Seconded by Martin Gliddon.

Chairman’s Report: MR reported that there had been a significant increase of members to the section. The numbers attending section events had also increased. He went on to say that as of the present time, the Three Day Event for 2020 was almost sold out. This had all been achieved by a very enthusiastic  team. Chris the Secretary had worked like a well oiled machine, Martin has built a wonderful website, and both had organised a well supported New Members Lunch earlier in the year. Graham Greenwood had got more advertisers for the magazine and had done a professional job on changing it from a newsletter into a proper magazine. Rob Fisher had organised two events during the year, Harvington Hall and Hartlebury Castle. Nick Haes had organised today and everyone works hard for the benefit of the section. Stuart Dobbie had been co-opted to the committee in August and has already organised a St George’s Day event for 2020. We still need a treasurer to complete the committee. He thanked David Parkes for his help and advice during the year and hoped he enjoyed his retirement. He then went on to say that we already have a full program of events organised for 2020. The next Magazine is due out on the 10th January and will contain the details. Events are also in Spirit and Speed. We will be attending the Pershore Plum Festival again, have a Valentine’s Day Event at Ironbridge and the three day event will be at Chateau Impney in 2020.

Treasurer’s Report: MR reported that this year we had made a small profit of £452.50 as can be seen on the financial statement for 2018-2019.  He went on to say the section had a balance of £16,849.63. The accounts were accepted with Rob Fisher as proposer and Brian Bremer as seconder. He asked if there were any questions and there were none.

Secretary’s Report: None.

The Committee then stepped down, CO read out the names of those to be nominated for the committee 2020. They were:

Mike Ridley, Christine Oatridge, Graham Greenwood, Martin Gliddon, Rob Fisher, Nick Haes, Stuart Dobbie. Lindsay Rowbotham accepted the nominations.

MR announced there was to be a change of roles within the committee with GG becoming Business Manager and MG taking on the role of magazine editor in addition to his other tasks. He also added that he would remain Chairman and Treasurer, until someone was found for the Treasurer’s position. CO would remain as Secretary and that RF, NH and SD would be involved in organising events for the section.


Director’s Report: Lindsay Rowbotham said that both he and his colleague Gerard Le Clerc were honoured to have invited and were pleased that everything seemed to be ticking along nicely in the WM Section. The RREC were keen to recruit new members and the WM section seems to have been very successful at doing this and retaining existing ones. He added that the Hunt House had cut staff members to try to economise and that a new club shop had opened online for members. He announced that there was a vacancy on the Board for 2020, and if anyone was interested, they should apply to the Hunt House. He stated that if anyone had not had their copy of the Year Book, they should see Gerard Le Clerc who was compiling a list. He asked if there were any questions about the Hunt House to which there were none. He then, on behalf of the Board wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


AOB: MR asked if there was any other business and there were none.


MR went on to close the meeting, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



The meeting closed at 12.05

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